as a beard
plastic flowers

Use them as a beard;
As a hat with a white feather detail
As window Farming bag
As a suicide device
As mattress stuffing
As packing material in lieu of white foam
As seal before screwing a cap back onto a bottle or jar that might leak
To store wet beach towels in
As you would a rubber glove
As a kite
To catch stray paint droplets when you are painting
As flags
As rubber boots
As backpacks for kids
As a doggie bag.
To store dirty clothes in when you are travelling
As a shoe-horn
To protect the plaster cast
As diapers
As bandages
To wrap up leftovers to keep them from drying out in the refrigerator
As bread bags for home-made bread
To cover clothes in a closet or while travelling to keep the clothes clean
As a toy parachute
As handy sick bags for vomiting
To wrap your lunch sandwiches
As a raincoat
As a trash can
As a makeshift condom
Store wet paint brushes in
To store rags in
As inexpensive home insulation
As toilet paper
As socks
As underwear
Weave them into an inexpensive rug