bend the rules. depart star differ star diverge star vary star veer star aberrate star avert star bend star contrast star deflect star digress star divagate star drift…

[-] Obsolescence – Overbodig

Definition: Grumpy old bat who doesn’t do anything for anyone. Note: Art is seen by some as something that is pointless and useless. Obsolescence is the state of…

Unfolding Time



Tape for thought

collage  |  tape together  |  moment in time  |  sticky stuff  |


Urban life is what everybody is heading for but sometimes you just need to feel you’re part of nature, leave the city, internet and the group and be…

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The subject of this post is that Michel and I have agreed to mingle on each other’s posts. So I took off one addendum he made on a post….

“Consider time as oficially ended. We work on the other side of time. ” Sun Ra: Space is the place (1974)  A f r o f u t u…


I recently started smoking | From self-interest to shared interest | building society | does one tree matter? | ecosystem | CLIMATE ECONOMICS | New (eco)nomies | Food…

Theory of All

    1. all has a place 2. nothing remains the same 3. without love there’s nothing 4. in death all becomes one          …

On Occupying Mental Space

Every religion is based upon love but nowadays it sometimes seems believers are driven by hate.

Copyright is for losers

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Travelling is important for finding life’s richness and meaning, which doesn’t mean you always have to move your body. Opening your mind however is crucial.  Taking pictures can…

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