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If you want to know what the photo from the dotman is go to:


The photo is unrelated to this post. I dont agree on the related logic of things sometimes. The subject of this post is that Michel and I have agreed to mingle on each others posts. So I took off one addendum he made on a post.  I have made about potatos and added it as a new post (so I improved its importance), the tape for thought post.

I hope he likes, but I will see if he does because if not he will change what I did.

There are different ways to develop our ideas. Sometimes it’s important to put things together and later on you feel it’s too much and want to cut it into seperate items. The potatoplatters are a work on its own. I wouldn’t call it foodporn and so i added a picture that in my opinion raised the question what foodporn might be.
On the one hand i want many bubbles in the air but on the other i ask myself how many do we really need? We have to find a way to share our exchange of ideas, the way ideas grow, but we don’t want others to be bothered with our strugle to find our way to collaborate. Or do we? I feel that we can work on eachothers posts unlimited but we should never return to old versions. We have to move on and respond to alterations in a constructive way.
The dotman has just the right projected dots!
(Ik vraag me af of dit gesprek niet in het Nederlands gevoerd zou moeten worden?)

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